Styling agency: suitable make-up and hair for every event

Make-up artists and make-up artists not only refresh, they beautify and accentuate! No matter whether it’s about refreshing make-up at company events or blogger events, or about professional make-up and hairstyling for photo shoots or films. An experienced make-up artist with expertise in many areas and years of practice through countless jobs is always worth its weight in gold. That’s what you’re looking for? Then stay tuned.

The look for corporate events

When the employees meet to celebrate an anniversary, a successful year-end, sometimes even a summer party, then many companies are looking for a professional make-up artist who takes care of the female employees, refreshes the make-up or even prepares the international make-up for the after-show party or the finale in the city centre. Those who feel more comfortable also appear more self-confident! With the small beautification here and there, many visitors, especially by refreshing an expert, feel even more confirmed, aware that they are wonderful. This not only creates a better atmosphere, e.g. at the summer company event, but also lets the visitors go home with a positive feeling afterwards. Anyone who ends a work period motivated in this way will also start the next one with full energy. A make-up artist at events therefore has long time for all positive aftereffects.

Visagist for Blogger Events

Instagram, YouTube, these are the new important media! That’s why more and more companies are organizing blogger events to market their own products. Sometimes it’s a few selected, prominent Instagram and YouTube celebrities and other times you gather a lot of bloggers to introduce a product or to give you the opportunity to meet other bloggers and interact with your own product. Bloggers are interesting for the marketing of beauty products such as creams but also for make-up and of course for many other areas such as fashion, the automotive industry or travel. Their communities usually include people between 15:00 and 40 years of age, but the target group tends to be younger between 15 and 30 years of age. Those who sell their products in this segment can achieve excellent results and above all a large reach through such blogger meetings.

Whether summer or winter, bloggers want to look good. Some have a longer journey, some have to refresh themselves again, many are happy therefore about the possibility and option to be beautified by a professional make-up artist. With mirrors, light and professional equipment we get to work.

For such larger events, at least three or four make-up artists are usually booked. The bigger the event, the bigger the styling team. There can also be 20 people working in parallel on 20 mirrors. Are you planning your next event? If you are thinking about the engagement of styling experts for your event, please contact our agency! Through our close cooperation with many agencies but also productions, we have built up a first-class contact network and know almost all of our make-up artists personally from jobs.

Beauty Exhibit & Conventions

Also at trade fairs, no matter if it is a booth of a beauty manufacturer or the booth of a brand that is also active in the lifestyle segment, the professional make-up artists are part of it. Just like most other events, it is about giving the female visitors the opportunity to refresh themselves a little optically. However, eating is often also about presenting products or new innovations in the field of cosmetics. Lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, here everything that is new is shown and the trends from the metropolises of the whole world are presented. Especially when it comes to business customers, such as at trade fairs in the B2B sector, as a customer you have to be able to rely 100% on the booked make-up artists. After all, some large customer orders and, of course, follow-up orders depend on a skilful presentation of new make-up products.

Presentation of brands, products and new make-up products

When it comes to the targeted presentation of new make-up products to a larger audience, you need an experienced make-up artist who, on the one hand, understands how to use the products, who, on the other hand, has a feeling for trends and who can also speak freely and rhetorically convince people. Especially moderations with headset microphone or hand microphone are very difficult, especially in cosmetics, because it often depends on details. The audience therefore needs a good view of the products or models being used. At the same time, the presenter needs the necessary freedom to provide the audience with all the information desired by the customer, so that everyone remembers the most important key facts about the new product.

Moderation and presentation

If you are looking for the perfect make-up artist or stylist to present your new collection or line to an audience, we can help you as a make-up artist and stylist agency in all major cities! New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, Milan. Our network includes many experts around the world, with renowned customers and years of experience. Send us the event dates and we will take care of the rest!

Experience and product knowledge

To a make-up artist one does not only go to a make-up artist to be made up, of course it is also to experience new things or to try out new products which the make-up artist of confidence recommends. In our network you will find, as described, experienced make-up artists, who not only inspire their audience or your guests, but also you as marketing or management, because all contents are perfectly conveyed. Please contact us now and we will find you a top make-up artist or stylist for your next appearance.

Youtube women also show us how inspiring make-up and cosmetics can be!

Cosmetic presentation can be found on YouTube, which spread fun and joy.

Especially younger women on YouTube are today the magnet for questions and answers from millions or even billions of other women. Other YouTube phenomena even make men enthusiastic about make-up and cosmetics products. Some social media stars, like Kylie Jenner, got rich with makeup. Kylie Jenner is even the youngest millionaire in the world, just about to finish! At just 19, she has built a huge make-up empire with the help of her family. Make-up has conquered YouTube and here we have some of the most inspiring people in the world who just enjoy watching it!

Youtube Stars who are enthusiastic about Make Up on Youtube

Especially younger women on YouTube today are the magnet for questions and answers from millions, billions of other women. Other YouTube phenomena even make men enthusiastic about make-up and cosmetic products. Some social media stars as well as Kendall Jenner, who please research again, have become rich with makeup. Kendall Jenner is even the youngest millionaire in the world, or just before the finish! At just 19 years old, she has built a huge makeup empire, with the help of her family point makeup has conquered YouTube and here we have some of the most inspiring people from the world where watching is just fun!

Christian Dominique shows us her most natural make-up look

The perfect summer look from Zoella

Dulce Candy shows how to get ready for the next party

Fashion blogger Negin Mirsalehi shows her absolutely favourite everyday look

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