Stockholm Make Up Artist & Styling Agency

We at Styling One take care of the perfect placement process. The visual artists put current. Styling is the passion to do something good to people. The agency at a glance:

New York or worldwide? Right now you are right here with us. For your fashionshootings, commercial hunts and runway shows, we offer perfection. We would like their events to be unique, so we recommend the best make-up and styling service.

Styling Service and Mediation

All of our stylists and make-up artists are experts, with years of experience in their field and special specialties. This allows you to fully concentrate on your business with your entire team. Find hair and make-up artists in other cities as well:

The best style for every guy with the best make-up artists

As an agency, we have top-notch make-up artists / hair stylists and make-up artists for respected photographers, famous brands and film productions. Naturally, make-up artists / hair stylists and well-known make-up artists attach great importance to hygiene as well as the quality of their work. Our make-up artists, make-up artists and hairstylists also pay attention to the friendly, good mood on the set, in advertising and photo-production. Whether for TV productions or photoshootings in the areas business, celebrity, fashion as well as advertising, so are your styles. More information about our agency? Contact us now!

Continuing professional development: awards and awards included

Increase your production quality through continuing education. Above all the workshops are very popular in companies, from special coaching to special workshop for day make-up.

Book stylists for premieres for Stockholm

From experience, we know stylist is not a stylist. Areas in the areas of activity and situations are quite different from each other. Teamwork, an open-minded personality and willing to work with people on a daily basis are the essentials. For a performance on the red carpet, one of course requires different approaches than for a shooting, for example. Our stylists bring all their experiences to work on elaborate productions. Call us!